Act smart in changing reality

in situations of uncertainty

Spyformation Workshop

A transformative experiential workshop, intended for managers

Through spy games, you learn a way of thinking that saves lives, the same way of thinking that allows spies to perform the right actions in an unclear and even chaotic reality.

The allusion of routine

Most of the time we perceive our world as routine, sometimes boring, sometimes fascinating, but in relation to everyday life, most of the changes we experience are slight. If nothing dramatic has happened, apparently nothing has changed.

In the world of a spy there is no routine, every small change is of great significance, sometimes with far-reaching consequences.

The Spyformation workshop takes you on a journey through the worlds of espionage.

The surprising resemble of management and spy work

The workshop exposes you to situations you never thought you would experience and allows you to assimilate the same way of thinking that saves the secret agent's life and allows you to make life-saving decisions in seconds and without thinking.

We hope that you will never need to make quick decisions to save your life, only that the same tools will allow you to save the life of a move, a deal, an important meeting and even the life of the organization

The workshop develops a new way of thinking alongside practical tools that enable you.

The purpose of the workshop

Improving managers' abilities to make decisions and act correctly, under conditions of uncertainty, by exposing them to the methods and tools used to train spies and secret agents.

The workshop changing Perception of Reality


A trip to the worlds of espionage Spyformation

During the lecture, we will get to know the world of intelligence and the position of the spy within the complex called intelligence.

We will expose to the methods and tools used to train spies, secret agents and especially secret fighters.

We will present the activities of the agent while analyzing real events from the recent period. We will present the surprising similarity between the spy and the manager in the business world.

The purpose of the lecture

Exposure to the world of espionage and its acceptance into the business world

Managers couching

On-Going Coaching

Through personal guidance we will undergo change, we will develop creative thinking, we will improve your way of reacting in changing situations, we will learn practically during close training – skills that will allow you to perform the right actions in a chaotic and unclear reality. The guidance improves management abilities in making decisions and correct action, under conditions of uncertainty.

The escort changes the perception of reality.

To act correctly in changing situations and of course in stressful situations, to understand the story behind the story of the employee who asks for a vacation, or explains why he was unable to fulfill the task

To lead exit processes from crisis situations or a chaotic reality so that you leave strengthened and with valuable knowledge

What will we learn in the workshop?

  • what can be deduced from the story that emerges from different pieces of information
  • Tools for collecting information in the field
  • Information gathering tasks
  • Creating a story that involves interpersonal interaction to achieve goals
  • Setting goals
  • Examining the goals in relation to the task
  • Setting the required value
  • Choosing a course of action considering the person in front of us
  • Conducting authentic field practice
  • Selecting targets for action
  • Defining goals and required value
  • Choosing a course of action considering the situation in front of us

"The change is burning in me" – Spyformation

The close accompaniment makes it possible to assimilate the same thinking format that saves the lives of the undercover fighters and allows them to make life-saving decisions in seconds. The more we as managers become familiar with and become skilled in using these tools, the greater our chances are of saving an important meeting, a deal, a business move, and even the life of the organization. The accompaniment develops a new thinking skill alongside practical tools.

Be the leader of yourself and your team

  • act correctly in changing situations
  • Control your moves in stressful situations.
  • Understand the story behind the visible story
  • Lead exit processes from crises or chaotic reality.
  • Leave strengthened with valuable tools

Who We Are


Amit Assa

Amit Assa (1963) led a long career in the Israeli Intelligence Services. He has trained undercover special units all over the globe, and he runs workshops and gives lectures to hi-tech companies, banks, and other institutions in the private sector. In his background as a Global Spy, and over the course of his life, he took part in numerous of undercover operations. His first novel, Infiltration Games, now on Amazon

David Izaac

David Izaac, (born in 1963) is a father of 2, a multidisciplinary integrator, COO specializing in strategy and content marketing. Established and managed B2B and B2C sales systems that acted as an intelligence desk and applied secret services techniques. Researcher of and lecturer about consciousness technology and how to restore the "manufacturer's instructions", i.e. how to return us and our consciousness to an optimal state. Trainer (mentor) for senior managers, created and implemented team development and empowerment plans, for managers and sales organizations.